Metal products find their wide usage in many sectors. Demand for products of various shapes, size or thickness led to formation of newer and newer forms of metal products. One of the frequently used metal products are ribbed rods. Their main advantage is high damage and deformation resistance therefore they are used most frequently in the building and construction industry.

Ribbed rods characteristics

Ribbed rods are produced from reinforcing steel or carbon steel. It is a high quality material which has many positive characteristics. First of all ribbed rods are characterised by high mechanical damage resistance, thanks to it they are commonly used in the building industry. It is more accurate to say that they are used in construction of the building and also to reinforce the concrete.

Ribbed rods are produced with a view to high exploitation and that is why they are prepared for great loads. What is more, thanks to professional machinery, ribbed rods and other metallurgical products one can treat in a way which enables to adapt the product to usage in accordance with its purpose. Although a great deal is dependent on a particular type of steel, characteristics presented above belong to the most important features of ribbed rods.

Use of ribbed rods

As it was shortly mentioned while describing: ribbed rods are mainly used in the building industry. Those rods are used inter alia to erect constructions of reinforced concrete and to reinforce concrete construction. Reinforcement of concrete with ribbed rods makes that the construction is more rigid and various types of damages resistant. However it is not the only use of ribbed rods. They are also used to performing steel structures such as railings, gates and fencing.